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增加siggraph course note ,Physically-Based Reflectance for Games

vr3d - developer network | 2006-10-31 02:59:42

Siggraph06 Course Note 連結This course discusses the practical implementation of physically-principled reflectance models in interactive graphics and video games, in current practice as well as upcoming technologies. The course begins with the visual phenomena important to the perception of reflectance in real-world materials, which it uses as background for the underlying theory and derivation of common reflectance models. After introducing the current game development pipeline, from content creation to rendering, the course then discusses rendering techniques for implementing reflectance models in games --- with emphasis on real-world trade offs such as shader performance, content creation efficiency, resource size considerations, and overall rendering quality. The course will help a researcher understand constraints in the game development pipeline and it will help a game developer understand the physical phenomena underlying reflectance models

討論材質的反射特性及模型,提供game developer參考

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